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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sinistrous Diabolus - Promo 2008 (2008)

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2008

1. Hollow Eyed
2. Necromantic
3. The Essence of Divinity Given to Abstractions of the Human Mind

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Risen from the ashes, Sinistrous Diabolus are back at it again, an entire 15 years after their release of Opus One. This is merely a promo and the tracks are considered "rough recordings" by the band, so hopefully this means we'll see something even better in the future!

Even if these tracks aren't completely mastered, you can tell right off the bat that nothing's changed in their hiatus. The first half of the first song "Hollow Eyed" morbidly depicts this with slow, droning funeral doom metal, then slowly erupts into a slightly faster-paced display of atmospheric, spacey death. Not much for vocals in this first song; we mostly get squeals, growls, and heavy, labored breathing, meshed with creepy keyboard overtones toward the end. This is the groundwork for awesomeness.

"Necromantic" is quickly becoming one of my favorite tunes, mainly for the sad, sorrowful, yet somehow lighthearted main riff/guitar lead. We first hear it at about 1:35, and I was instantly hooked. My only knock is that the song isn't long enough! This is a beautiful instrumental...

The final song is a great summation of the two previous songs, somewhat melodic, but also plodding and miserable. Still not much in terms of vocals, but for now, it's nearly perfect without 'em. I'm just amazed at how well this promo was structured, and I'm even more shocked at the potential for the next release by these New Zealanders. Holy shit. Wow. Recommended.

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