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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monasterial Crypt - Stárí (1999)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 1999

1. Odevzdávání (Intro)
2. Strach
3. Andìl
4. Sklenìné Vìže
5. Sen
6. Podzim a Stárí
7. Hloubka Skrytých Smyslù
8. Holotropie (Bonus)
9. Zapomenuté Bytí (Bonus)
10. Spálená Já (Bonus)
11. Zahrada Radosti a Smutku (Outro)

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How should I put this... this is a very, er, persistent release. Not that it's particularly fast-paced (hell, it's doom, yeah?), but the riffing style is sort of Hellenic in that it's very quick and up and down like a roller coaster. Difficult to explain.

The guitars seem to take a back seat in the mix, and as a whole, this album feels a bit thin. Still, that actually works for Monasterial Crypt, as it gives Stárí that detached feel that allows for the listener to "choose their own adventure", marveling over the guitars or vocals. Me? I prefer to find the best in both; I'm just saying it's possible to listen to this album a variety of ways (adding to replay value!).

Two types of vocals are employed: harsh, gurgling male and billowy, female sing-song vocals, both sung gorgeously in Czech, making this album hard to ignore. It continues to grow on me with every listen!

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