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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sinistrous Diabolus - Opus One (1993)

Genre: Old School Doom/Death Metal
Country: New Zealand
Year: 1993

1. Sleep of the Damned
2. Wipe Out Christianity
3. Aeon Ended

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Seriously tortured, twisted stuff, Sinistrous Diabolus comes from New Zealand... not much metal comes out of there, but from the little I've listened to, it's been mostly positive! This is certainly no exception. Very slow, miserable-sounding, and painful. This demo is like pulling teeth. Except that you're the dentist from that cheesy movie The Dentist. You're some sort of sadist, hell-bent on revenge via infliction of pain in the absolute worst way possible, maniacally tearing teeth from a young child's mouth, forcibly removing the tongue from your helpless wife, all the while drilling viciously into the jaws of hapless patients, watching them writhe and squirm in unbearable pain... okay, that's enough of that! Must-see movie, btw.

But yeah, the music. Awesome. Sometimes gracing into Funeral Doom territory, but also lively (relatively speaking) at other times. The vocals absolutely slay, are completely inaudible, and sounds straight-up disgusting. Repulsive, even! Monumentally tortured music, very dark and foreboding, sure to satiate the morbid cravings in all of us. GET IT NOW!


  1. I've actually seen "The Dentist." Wretched stuff! Since you have so ... vividly ... descrived the movie and related it to this band, I think I will pass. I like my music without the unnecessary sinister!

    Ok ... Maybe I'm intrigued and I will listen ...

  2. ahh , i remember the day this cover was made many many moons ago.