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Monday, February 15, 2010

Funeral Vision - It... (1993)

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: Poland
Year: 1993

1. Slave
2. Immortal
3. Cain
4. Monster
5. Dark Muse

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More Poland! Top-notch guitar-oriented doomy Death Metal, with riffs out the ass, often melodic, sometimes depressive, while others upbeat and happy! A unique demo to say the least. Not much in the way of song structure, and often somewhat repetitive, but still an enjoyable listen.


  1. Замечательнейшая вещь!

  2. I used to have this demo MC around 1994. As far as I remember, it was rather slow and mysthical doomy death metal with growling vocals, somewhere near to Dusk (USA) or Blasphereion.

  3. The first song started as "Damned human souls, Are strong and powerful" and maybe it had a refrain "Evil" but that's all I can remember.