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Friday, February 19, 2010

Graveless - Portrait of Pain (1994)

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: Norway
Year: 1994

1. Portrait of Pain
2. Sorrow
3. Demoniacal Possession
4. Evil Shades
5. Mind in Despair
6. Dying Thoughts

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A very unique band, I really can't say I've heard much of anything else like this. The recording's from 1994, but the style and energy displayed is from an entirely different time period... another reality somewhere out there.

Often quite melodic (even more so on the EP) without meaning to be, and a lot of this stuff is just straight up catchy; the kind of stuff that grabs your attention on the first listen, and never looks back, yet also never gets old or stagnant. Intoxicating riffs find their place spattered throughout, often a bit repetitive, but they're so good that it makes no difference! The vocals consist of a low rasp, which is changed on the EP. Great stuff!

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