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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phlebotomy - Dawn of Grief (1993)

Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 1993

1. Born To Suffer
2. As the Sky Turns Black

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Much better production; about time these guys got signed to a label! Two songs here and the first is an old favorite from their promo tape, "Born to Suffer". The cheesy intro and exit bits that I pointed out in the Promo Tape review are removed to allow focus to fall on the song itself without any distractions or wtf moments. Not so sure if I'm a fan of the production... it is better, but it also gives the EP a "tinny" feel, especially with the scratchy guitars and glowering synths. Everything is better balanced, though; vocals and drums are further up front and this EP certainly sounds more complete.

New song! Looks like this marks the point where Phlebotomy are turning away from their doomy sound, and onto something a little more intense. Synths galore are still present all over the place, but female vocals are kicked up a few more notches, seemingly going even with the harsh vocals. Everything is faster-paced and almost industrial. This song marks the band's transition to a new style that you will see in "Voluptuous..."

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  1. Excellent record I buyed a long time ago.
    It's excellent to find it on your website to have a numerical copy.
    Thank you so much!