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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Caarcrinolas - The Egg (1994)

Genre: Experimental Death Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 1994

1. ?
2. Anal Feast
3. Milted
4. Mucus

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Okay, sit down, you're gonna need something to support yourself for this wacked out demo. "Experimental" only begins to graze the surface of the music found in Caarcrinolas's "The Egg". An obscure release from the depths of France; not much is known about these guys aside from their sole, enigmatic demo presented in the most bizarre and otherworldly manner manner possible, while still retaining the elements of Death Metal.

"?" opens up with, well, what you'd expect. Confusion? Uncertainty? Suffice to say a soulless, unforgiving ominous, almost creepy sound perturbs all who listen. Setting the scene with an eerie atmosphere, this song sets the precedent for the rest of the demo. Oddly enough, the guitars come out in full force, with meticulous and clean riffing, albeit done in a wonky, unusual way riddled with strange time changes and huge leaps in creative genius that some might see as mere noise. It'll take a dedicated and open-minded ear to fully enjoy this demo.

Synthesizers are used heavily, as to be expected in anything labeled "experimental". It's almost like Caarcrinolas grabbed an electronic keyboard and just started randomly pushing the sound effect buttons to see what worked at what didn't. I'm hearing hints of mandolins, accordions, organs and other weird noises scattered throughout. However, it's all done in moderation, letting the guitars and vocals do their Death Metal thing. I wouldn't quite call this Avant-Garde, as they really do make an effort to stick to their DM guns, but it's definitely going to be something you haven't heard before. And for that, I gotta go ahead and recommend this.


  1. glad to read this cool review as i played guitar in this band... well, we were from north of france and focused on "not being your average death metal band". I was fan of tech/weird death thrash bands : Atheist, Cynic, Atrocity, Disharmonic Orchestra... and also Pestilence, Death, Slayer, etc. To be honnest, we tried to be weird to hide our lack of abilities then. We were all self taught with absolutely no knowledge about how to handle our fucking instruments, except the keyboard :) he told us "i agree to play with you but i'm not part of your band".
    The mix of this demo was done by ourselves (we then had never seen a 8 track mixer) cause the "engineer" let us alone after 10 minutes : "bring back the keys when it's done"...
    I remember the kicks were made of wood, and we stuck coins on the skins to get that "trigger" sound... there was no trigger at that time, but Morrisound :)
    I also remember i asked for a guitar sound like Pestilence's Testimony...
    And of course the demo is plenty of mistakes that can luckily go for experimental rhythm changes....
    We recorded another one that was never released, its only instrumental, i'll upload if you care !
    Weird to find this on your blog 18 years after !

    1. Hi, I know you posted this reply over 4 years ago now, but if you see this and still want to upload Caarcrinolas' second demo, please do! I know I'd love to hear it, as I found the first one so interesting :)