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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Makrothumia - The Rit of Individuation (1997)

Genre: Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Country: Romania
Year: 1997

1. A Sense-Alization of Your Own-Not-Owned (Your Own Interior Own)
2. Conquering the Lack of Relations... the Vague... to Unify
3. An Interior Autonom Structurality (To Protect... to Deceive... Protecting?)
4. The Need (Appearing Yourself Through into the Other)
5. The Archetypes (Patterns of Behaveor)
6. The Spirituality of the Prostitution (Masculin Domination Against Alterity)
7. Celebrating Thee (A Drowing Down the Sun Ritual)
8. Sinagogic Curse

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The first thing you'll notice is the absurdly long and complex song names a la Demilich, but let me promise you, you're in for a fantastic treat with this Romanian gem. Makrothumia has gained some attention in the past few years, and for damn good reason. Who ever heard of Romania producing good music?

Progressive is the defining genre descriptor here. There is so much shit going on, and it is orchestrated to perfection. The song structures are byproducts of creative brilliance and musical genius. The music--nay, ART here knows no bounds and the band members took every liberty in pushing the limits of metal to cultivate a seamless blend of doom, death, and technicality. Thick, luscious bass, in both guitars and percussion, saturate throughout, giving The Rit of Individuation a beautifully flowing sound. On paper, the album should be jagged rapids, but somehow culminates in a smooth, flawless estuary, opening its waters into a massive, expanding ocean of intricate, meticulous elegance.

Truly a release for the ages... monstrous in its presentation, fastidious in its attention to detail. Resonant and epic in every sense of the word, with tight riffs and inspired melodies to complement the omnipresent, mellifluent vocals. If you can't tell by now, this comes very highly recommended.

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  1. Oh good Makrothumia! One of the many releases I've always been meaning to check out, thanks for uploading it! Though I'm a little worried if it will get too progressive for me.