1/11/13 UPDATE: All links active.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Back... again.

I know I said the same thing last year, but cut me some slack, Mediafire ruined all that within a month.

Call it a new year's resolution (really I just have a few weeks off), but I've gotten off my ass and finally gotten around to re-uploading every last dead link.

I suppose I can blame all of you for drawing Mediafire's attention to my account, but really, that's exactly what I want. I was surprised to find relatively consistent visitor statistics even with all this inactivity. So thank you all!

The overarching goal here is to keep this shit alive and I will continue posting and diligently re-uploading broken links to ensure that. If something is amiss, please shoot me an email!


Not much has changed.

I've added the band's country directly to the post in an effort to make each entry more of a resource of sorts and all links have been re-uploaded to Mediafire, since despite the shit they've put me through, they're still by and far the best provider.

Mediafire is kind enough to notify me of a copyrighted file before sacking my entire account, so I've gone through and rooted out all the links that have slipped through the cracks and uploaded them to 4shared. There aren't many, but I expect the list to grow almost randomly. I mean come on, Beyond Dawn is copyrighted material? Are you kidding me?

So please, give me a heads up if a link is acting funny so I can delete it and draw as little unwanted attention as possible.


Happy Holidays!


  1. Adam, great to see you beeing active again! Your work is very much appreciated. Your blog is an unbelievable tool for us archaeologists digging for those distant days of glory. There is so much to be explored here and so many obscure artefacts are to be found. great news, all the best for you! thomas.

  2. thank you.
    for all the music.