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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Funereum - Re-Velatio (1996)

Genre: Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Country: Italy
Year: 1996

1. Great Silver Eye
2. Re-Velatio
3. Moonless Night
4. Black Silence
5. Of an Endless Farewell
6. Time Will Cure Me
7. Dreaming of Eternal Sadness

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Italy seems to do that whole melody thing quite well and Funereum are no exception. Here we have a moody and darkly melodic piece of gloomy doom/death. The first song starts out with the rhythmic chime of a bell followed by spastic guitars exploding into melodic keyboards. Right off the bat you know you can expect something a bit different from the norm.

As melody ensues, female vocals burst through the foggy production complemented by violins and just when you though it couldn't get any more varied, the usual harsh male vocals change to clean! Not entirely sure what to make of these, but they're used sparingly.

All of that in the first song!

The rest of the demo follows suit, hinting at an urgent sense of impending doom. Ominous synths permeate the atmosphere as much as cheery keyboards add light to the darkness. And I haven't even touched upon the guitars! Quality riffs meld wonderfully with the other instruments showing just how beautiful something called death metal can be.

The back half of this demo emphasizes the doom n' gloom with some catchy rhythms and more female vocal showcasing. Hell, "Of An Endless Farewell" is 100% woman! Some truly unique metal and quite a refreshment from trudging through the veil of darkness surrounding traditional doom/death metal. Recommended.

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