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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beyond Dawn - Heaven's Dark Reflection (1991)

Genre: Old School Doom/Death Metal
Country: Norway
Year: 1991

1. The Underworld (Intro)
2. The Mourner
3. Baphomet's Refuge
4. Epitaph
5. God
6. Second Nature
7. The Sound of Wings
8. The Tempest

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Beyond Dawn's second effort, and it does sound like they're settling into a sound, and picking a direction to go. Much more cleaned up from their last demo, they chose the melodic, faster-paced Death Metal route, with traces of technicality. Heavy use of bass is incorporated, along with the guitarists showing off their skill.

The vocals range from the dark rasp we heard on the first demo, to a squealing, hissing growl, upping the evil-magnitude a few notches. The vocals even have melody to them, and seem to rock with the music, which doesn't happen much in Death Metal! This is especially noticeable on "Epitaph".

As previously mentioned, the demo is sped up as a whole, although the occasional doom element is still tastefully employed. It seems that the band is moving towards a more groove-oriented, jamming sound (the beginnings of their electronic career). However, this makes the demo a very enjoyable listen, and easy to get into!

Recommended because this is unique!

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