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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Candle Serenade - Tales From Walpurgis (1994)

Genre: Melodic Black/Doom/Death Metal
Country: Portugal
Year: 1994

1. Tales From Walpurgis

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Formed in 1993, Candle Serenade released their first demo, Tales from Walpurgis a year later. This should be called a single or whatever, considering there's only one song, but hey! Who gives a shit! It's music, and I know that's all that matters.

This is basically a mini preview of what's to come in their masterpiece album, Nosferatu's Passion. The production is a bit lacking, but it has all the fundamental elements present, in a raw, stripped-down form. There are female vocals, and a standard death rasp, bordering on Black Metal monotony. There is slight melody (you'll see more in the full-length). Consider this a sampler!

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  1. Hey I was just wrestling with my rip of this from a lousy tape when I decided to check if someone had already uploaded this and here you are saving me the trouble! So thanks for this! Candle Serenade is certainly on of those forgotten bands from the mid-90's.