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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Candle Serenade - Nosferatu's Passion (1995)

Genre: Melodic Black/Doom/Death Metal
Country: Portugal
Year: 1995

1. Overture
2. Balakian Rider
3. Chama Iberica
4. Celtic Lir's Sons (Sad Erin's Legend)
5. Interlude For Gothic Kings
6. Spell Of Carpathian Winter
7. Transylvanic Mistress
8. Last Vampire Dance (Finale)

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Nosferatu's Passion is one of those albums that grows on you. But here's the thing, it's not like after the first listen, you won't recognize the beauty and talent behind it. I was awestruck after first listening, and even more so with each subsequent listen.

The main vocalist is female, and does her death growls in a damn fine manner, indistinguishable from a male! And here's the kicker--she's got a gorgeous operatic voice, which she employs whenever she gets the chance! A true treat for the ears and just a privilege to listen to.

Gothic undertones permeate this release, and we're often subject to melodic instruments like piano and flute, as well as creative guitar riffing, building off of and perfecting the style they founded in their demo. The production is much cleaner and sharper, highlighting every riff and vocal trick.

Very doom-oriented, with some ridiculously catchy and engaging song structures, this is one that should be remembered for ages.


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