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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sectioned - Elme Promo (2007)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2007

1. Intro
2. Mirrors
3. My Love of Decay
4. Village of the Sun

Download at Mediafire
Metal Archives Rating: 75% (2 reviews)


Sectioned are a little-known band from Broadstairs, England. Fun fact: I actually misread their city name as Bloodstairs and was like "Oh man, this band is going to be awesome." Sadly, they are not from Bloodstairs, but their music is still awesome. The cover does have blood on it, which is fun, and helps describe the music inside. Also, my copy isn't color, like the MA picture I found... dunno what that's all about.

On to the music! I am particularly fond of this, considering it's just a promo. There's some damn fine quality present here, especially in the ambient interludes sprinkled throughout, helping to invoke contrast, giving the listener a break from time to time to enjoy those soundscapes.

It has that unpolished, crusty old school sound, nothing like your traditional modern Death Metal sound. Mid-paced tempo, sort of lumbering on, keeping up the assault at all costs. The vocals really stand out, ranging from the sputtering, lashing of a growling to lower gutturals, rounding out with hard-hitting riffing and an atmospheric vibe to it all. Even the solos sound eerily mystical; sorta reminds me of space or time or .

Can't wait to get my hands on their full-length!

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