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Friday, September 10, 2010

Musica Eternal - De Tenebrae (1993)

Genre: Death/Black/Electronic Metal
Country: France
Year: 1993

1. Intro
2. Book Of The Dead Names
3. The Door Painted In The Sky
4. The Doom
5. Tenebrae
6. Nocturnal Eternal

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Here's something most of you probably haven't heard... and for good reason, too! Have you seen the genre description!? Fortunately, Musica Eternal does it well with some strange synthesized, drum-programmed Black/Death Metal. There are times where it seems more Black than others, but the Death does come out to play every so often, with the two styles fusing together quite fluently, making this a great success in experimentation, especially considering the time it was recorded at. They only released this one demo (maybe another), before disappearing forever.

The synths are used to a great extent on this demo, and have an eerily calming effect, amidst the metallic chaos everywhere else. Often cross-cutting (yes, I can describe music with film terms) between the synths and cutting guitars, great contrast is present, especially on the "Tenebrae" and "Nocturna Eternal" (best on the demo) track. Hell, there's even chanting and church bells going off! Truly a find from way out of left field, this is definitely something well worth listening to after taking a break from your traditional Black and Death Metal.

Strange... and highly intriguing...

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