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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kvikksølvguttene - Gamlem (1997)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Norway
Year: 1997

1. Skullcrusher (Vomit cover)
2. Grave Violator
3. Violent Death

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You all remember that old Norwegian Death Metal band from the mid to late 80s? Vomit? OF COURSE YOU DO. Well, this is an attempt by some of the members to reform the band, under a different name. Expect more jokes, but do not be discouraged, as this is very listenable music. The name Kvikksølvguttene means The Mercury/Quicksilver Boys, which is an ironic reference to the famous Norwegian choir called The Silverboys. Already, you know you're in for something good. ;)

Gamlem was the name of a Norwegian man who was beaten to death in a gay hate crime in Sofienberg Park in 1991, so despite the raucous nature of these guys, they're conscious enough to raise social awareness! Not quite sure what the intention was exactly since the music they're recording is rather violent in itself, but let's look on the greener side of things and assume it was in good nature! ;D

The music on this EP consists of three quick songs, the longest being the last, "Violent Death", and also includes a cover of the former band, Vomit, back in its glory days, the eerily catchy tune "Skullcrusher". Hell, most of the material here is just rehashed Vomit stuff, rewritten for new songs, as well as some unrecorded material left over. Great riffs to rock out to, and vocals old school to the bones; a bunch of guys making music for the hell of it, the way it should be!

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