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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hardware - Souls Vortex (1992)

Genre: Experimental Death Metal
Country: Mexico
Year: 1992

1. Chants of Evil
2. Further the Hills of Dreams
3. Cybernetical Illusion
4. Souls Vortex

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Ah... perfection! On the back cover is written "YOU CAN'T STOP PROGRESS". Holy shit were these guys right on the ball. This is progress in every sense of the word (only one to my knowledge, but if there were more, I'm sure it'd be embodied here).

Anyway, this single is chock full of their very own brand of "Cyber Death Metal" and it's a shame that more bands couldn't understand and comprehend the brilliance that was Hardware, or we'd have much better Death Metal nowadays. The keys and synths are back, along with what I always thought a pretty neat production quirk, reminiscent of Cemetery's An Evil Shade of Grey guitar squeaking on the tremolo picks. Definitely adds to the already quirky atmosphere to make for something truly unique.

Thrust through the veils of cyberspace, sit back and bask in the Mexican glory of Hardware! Obviously recommended.


  1. im 14. my favorite bands have been coldplay, metallica, then pestilence, then gorguts, then possessed. and since i heard theyre self named experimental demo, hardware, i downloaded the album and listened to it until i can now drum everysong on my drumset. now i cant wait to listen to this souls vortex album. HARDWARE FUCKING RULES! fav band nao

  2. Please check the file because I am having trouble downloading it.

  3. Hm, there seems to be an issue with Mediafire right now... I added a 4shared link if that works for you.