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Monday, November 16, 2009

Piekielne Wrota - W Oczekiwaniu (1989)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland
Year: 1989

1. Ostateczne Wyzwolenie
2. Przeznaczeni na Smierc
3. Jestes Skazany
4. Wziety w Posiadanie
5. Shit
6. Strach
7. W Oczekiwaniu
8. Wpasc w Czern
9. South of Heaven (Slayer Cover)

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Three years after the release of their self-titled demo, Piekielne Wrota have settled into a more solid, deathy sound. The vocal style, while still very thrashy, is much more anguished and has that sort of echoing quality that gives the release a much more pained and angry feel, helping define this more strongly as Death Metal. Still incredibly fast-paced and furious with wild solos and chaotic drumming, this demo does not let up, except for the occasional spacey semi-acoustic parts that make you feel as if you're drifting at sea or in space somewhere. Other than that, nothing special, but something for the ol' kvlt collection!

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