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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Immortal Visions - Aquaritia (1993)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Poland
Year: 1993

1. Dei Carnifex
2. Sometimes They Comes Back
3. The All Seeing Hatered
4. Aquaritia
5. Follow Me in Dawn
6. In Astral Journey
7. Immortal Visions/Satanas Fatum

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An enigmatic band hailing from Poland, having only released this lone demo before changing their name to the title of this demo, "Aquarita". Let me begin by saying that this is one hell of an impressive demo, heavy and crushing, with numerous varied elements keeping this one far from the rest of the pack, in a class of its own. Actually a little overproduced, indicative by the crowded atmosphere and "collapsing" production, it fits very well into the style of music they play. A very dark and gloomy demo (the band they changed into actually plays "Dark Metal"), it is rather slow-paced with heavy gutturals. There are occasional acoustic interludes that break up a few of the songs, emitting an ethereal vibe, and you find yourself lost within the looming music. Definitely not your average everyday old school DM demo. This is something different, something special. Recommended.

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