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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Doom Formation - Definition of EVIL (1995)

Genre: (Brutal) Death Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1995

1. The Ways Of The Dead
2. Visions Of Ungodly Dreams
3. Morbid Catastrophic Fear
4. Gleuben EVIL

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I don't know anything about this band, or even where I came across this recording... but I thought I'd throw this out to the internet world. Doom Formation only released this single demo in 1995, and then split up, although they appear to have a Myspace, even though it's not listed on MA and seems a little suspicious, evidence suggests there was another split or album in the works. You can listen to another song there.

On to the music. Pretty straightforward, in your face death metal with touches in grind and brutal territory, most notably in the blasting and vocal style. Very professional sounding, and the riffs are tight and well-crafted. Neat little demo from a time lost ages ago!


  1. Wait, really?

    Fuck that shit, I'll reupload it as mp3.

  2. Man, I apologize for that. And I just realized that all the tags would have been horribly wrong for anybody who downloaded it.

    Sorry again.