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Friday, September 11, 2009

Broken Fear - Beyond The... (1991)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Year: 1991

1. Nuclear Factories Fonction
2. Hunting Horror
3. Trapped

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Broken Fear were an incredibly unknown Death Metal band coming out of the bowels of France, during the time that their counterparts in Sweden were flourishing. So far, this is the only release from this band that has surfaced, and I am still looking for any of their other work. Anybody with information please contact me!

"Mystic" and "enigmatic" are two words that I think properly describe a release such as this. Simply listen to the first track "Nuclear Factories Fonction" and tell me you don't see the machinations of a unique band trying (and succeeding) to define itself through use of sometimes spooky, calm, ambient sections like the intro and outro of that song, helping to build enormous atmosphere and tension within the music. This general quality to the music, coupled with the fact that they're so obscure makes this a rather mysterious releas, and I'm often lost in thought wondering what happened to this band, as the potential they harnessed was immense.

The vocals are another highlight of this demo; we find several styles, with the most predominant being a dirty growl/rasp that cuts right through you, very much like Swedish guitars do. Fits very well with the fuzzy production, giving Beyond The... a rather evil and demonic sound. Also included are eerie whispers, complementing the atmosphere, and shrill, anxious shrieks, making your heart beat faster and faster. Very well done.

Often slower-paced with some doomy sections, this is a heavy and miserable-sounding demo. Even when the band is playing at full-force, the production and guitars still give it that sludgy sound, making for great contrast. Apocalyptic, buzzy riffs are thrown in here and there, especially noticeable in the last song, "Trapped". Quality Death Metal, and highly recommended to those who enjoy unique-sounding OSDM with their own style. I'm impressed.

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