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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Apostate (Fin) - Flight Of The Halcyon (1999)

Genre: (Melodic) Death Metal
Country: Finland
Year: 1999

1. Bewitched by thy Flame
2. Hunger for Blood
3. Flight of the Halcyon
4. Pakkasukko

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Here's another band I don't see much around the nets. Started off as Apostate and is now Godskill and still hasn't produced much in the past years, so who knows where this project is right now. So this is me keeping it alive!

As hinted in the genre descriptor, this one's got a melodic fringe to it. It's trying to be death metal, it really is, but what we're left with in the end is Death Metal LiteTM. That's not to say it's bad, of course!

Not sure the best way to describe the vocals beyond that it sounds as if he's straining like he is going to blow a blood vessel or something. We've also got some mediocre clean vocals thrown in, but it's the guitar work that makes the demo.

"Hunger For Blood" has some incredible tremolo riffing throughout and for the most part, the riffs are pretty damn catchy. It's a shame they're set so far back in the mix, though.


  1. In that zip-file the song titles are mixed up a little. Track numbering is ok but Bewitched and Hunger as well as Halcyon and Pakkasukko are mixed up. Songs were on same sides of the demotape though. I really don't care that much but had to mention it. Thank you for uploading this and keeping it alive!

    1. Dudeeee, Ur The Drumer... THX For THE AMAZING MUSIC!!!

  2. I Have This Cassette, Hail Finland! /,,/