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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cryptophobism - Demo '98 (1998)

Note: Artwork unavailable

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: Bulgaria
Year: 1998

1. People That No-One Will Miss
2. Accidental Suicide
3. Cave
4. Madhouse (Rehearsal '93)

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100% crushing. I haven't used the "Heavy as Fuck" label in a while, but I think this decimating demo is deserving of such. Opening with a morbid, destruction-laced intro, the tone is set for the rest of this demo. Expect only the darkest and grimmest doom from here on out.

Perfect production value here; the mix sounds just as it should for this type of music: very full and overwhelming, with touches of austerity-- this is DOOM with the force and power to back it up. Dark and hopeless, there is nothing but steep, tenebrous walls all around you, stretching for miles. Trapped. No escape. Doom/Death done right.

The entire demo is bleak. Occasionally we'll have the rare lifting solo, shedding light on the darkness, but even then, forlorn despondency clouds the senses, slowly churning about with desolate melodies and echoing growls deep from the depths of oblivion.

Short and sweet, the demo wraps up with a glimpse of Cryptophobism's past: a rehearsal from 1993. They still managed to retain their sound over all these years, but unfortunately didn't have the deep, booming production that suits their doom so well. Still, the longest track of the bunch and perhaps a little more simplistic, but it works. This one's yet another gem; you'd be crazy not to give it a listen. Recommended.

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  1. the "H.A.F" label fits them perfectly! Thanks for sharing this gem!