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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Necro-E - Assemblage of Emanated Embryo (1991)

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: Japan
Year: 1991

1. Beyond of the Gate (intro)
2. Oozing Child
3. Torture
4. Untamed Anathema
5. Unmerciful Mist
6. Hideous Carcass
7. Under Destruction
8. Shock on Intestines
9. Mass Murder
10. Boiling Gore
11. Assemblage of Emanated Embryo
12. Decaying the Rain (outro)

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Japan continues to impress! Here we have some absolutely devastating Doom/Death from 1991. As raw and underproduced as it gets, my speakers are having a hard time keeping from rumbling right off my desk! Very suffocating in sound, the heaviness just pulls you in and constantly implodes your eardrums, while the demonic, raspy vocals claw and tear at your soul! Fun! Not much more to say other than this is plain old raw, simplified Death Metal played the way it was meant to be.

Note: this copy includes their first demo, Oozing Child (which I believe are the first three tracks). Metal Archives incorrectly has Beginning of the Death as their first demo with 11 tracks, when in reality, Beginning of Death was merely a promo, and only contained ONE track. Not sure who in the hell came up with those other tracks, but whatever. Enjoy!

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