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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sarcophagy - Cut to Pieces (1995)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Year: 1995

1. Onset Of Torture
2. Cut To Pieces
3. The Summoning
4. Grisly Homicidal Butchery

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Sarcophagy was never one to let themselves be ruled by one style of music! They liked to change things up a bit, and that's exactly what we're given with Cut to Pieces: another way to make excellent Death Metal! The guitar tone is a little more subdued on this release, which complements the more dark and doomy parts on some of these songs. "Cut to Pieces" sometimes slows down to just a few beats per minute, painfully slow, but at the same time so satisfying; enough to bring a sadistic grin to your face. The same vocals are used, although the grunts are used more frequently than the rasps, once again fitting in nicely with the plodding dooooooom. A crushing demo. These guys need much more attention, so download and enjoy!

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